Senin, 18 Maret 2019

The Beauty of Mount Andong

Saying Andong Mount, be think about the most famous small mount in Semarang, Magelamg Regency. It  has 1726 meter above sea level. It is located in Ngablak, Magelang, Central Java, crossing with Merbabu Mount in the south. Usually this mount will be full hikers in the weekend day.

Andong Mount has two base camps, they are Gogik Base Camp and Sawit Base Camp. Both of the base camp offer the different way to get the peak of Andong Mount. In Sawit base camp especially, this base camp gives the special services to the climber. The location is very clean, large park area, cheap and clean canteen, inn and also the prayer facility for moslem religion. Ticketing service also good an very politely. To climb this mount, the climber only pay Rp 8000 and Rp 5000 for our motor bike or car. Very cheap, isn't it????

To climb this mount the hikers only need an hour to get the peak. Go to the first post the hikers need 10 - 15 minutes from the gate. It's post called Watu Pocong, there is a shelter for taking a rest. Toilet and canteen are also provided there. It makes comfortable to hikers. Continue to the second post, it need 15 minutes. It is the same with the first post who have the shelter and canteen to feed up the hikers. Between the second and the third post there is a water source, it very important to the hikers to refill the empty bottle for cooking on the peak. The third post is also has a shelter not too large but very comfortable to take a rest, beside it has good view, behind the shelter also the alternative way to get the peak.

Quarter minutes to the peak from the third post, the hikers will step on the flat path. The first peak we will see the grave of Ki Joko Pekik. Usually the people go to pray there on the Saturday nigh in Javanese language call Minggu Wage. Not rarely we can see the family with their children to go up and pray on the Joko Pekik grave. The second peak, it has a large area to build the tend. It will be full of tent in the weekend day. There are also two canteen who give services to the hikers who do not bring their food. 

The third or the top is Andong Peak, there is a board with "Andong Peak, 1726 MASL" and Flag of Indonesian country there. Another peak is "Alap-Alap Peak who also not far from the Andong Peak. From here we can see the Merbabu, Merapi and Lawu mount in the South. Sumbing, Sindoro and Prahu mount also we can see in the west. In the east a crossing Andong mount we can see the Telomoyo mount. The North, we can see the Ungaran mount. 

Surrounding the mount we can see the Salatiga, Ungaran, Semarang, Magelang city. It looks very beautiful in the morning with the sun rise and the sun set with the bacground of Sindoro Sumbing mount.