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Recount Text : The Definition, The Objectives and Samples


"Take advantage of your time to learn, because actually learning will open up a new world for you"


After doing many activities throughly, we are able to:

  1. Identify expression to inisiate and sustain a dialog or discussion (of acquitances, meeting/parting in formal contexts) accurately.
  2. Identify how to respond to personal experience (recount) texts, including to find main ideas and details, make inference based in explisit and impicit information correctly.
  3. Identyfy how to use the simple past tense.
  4. Initiate and sustain a dialog or discussion (of acquaintances, meeting/parting in formal contexts) correctly.
  5. Respond to personal experience (recount) texts, including to find the main idea and details, make inference based on explisit and implisit information correctly.
  6. Relate personal experience (recount) text, both in spoken and written forms properly.
  7. Use the simple past tense, accurately.
we are also expected to develops attitudes of being communicative and creative.


A. Expressiom to inisiate and sustain a dialog or discussion (of acquintances, meeting/parting in         formal contexts).
Let's see the dialogue below!
Arnold: Exuse me, do you speak English?
Ladies: Yes, I do.
Arnold: Finally! Well I'm trying to find 243 Top Studio, but I run out of minutes, so I can't use my map                on my phone. Would you show me where it is?
Ladies: What a coincidence! I'm heading that way. My office is next to that office. Let's go!
Arnold: Let me give you a ride then.
Ladies: Thank you. I'm Ladies. What's your name?
Arnold: Arnold. Nice to meet you.
Ladies: Nice to meet you too. By the way, 243 Top Studio is a famous company.
Arnold: That's what I've heard.
Ladies: Are you going to work there?
Arnold: No, but I'm going to attend a job interview. Wish me luck!
Ladies: Sure. Hopefully you get the job.
Arnold: thanks.

Expression to Initiate and Sutain a Dialog or Discussion.

See the dialong between Arnold and Ladies. They meet for the first time. Arnold initates the dialog because he needs a direction. He aks, "Excuse me, do you speak English?"

To sustain or keep the dialog going, Ladies introduces herself and asks about Arnold's name, "I'm Ladies. What's your name?" Arnold replies by mentioning his name. The sentences between Arnold and Ladies further, such as "by the way, 243 Top Studio is a famous company." and " are you going to work there?" are expression to keep the communication going.

B. Recount Text

Justin tells his friends about his scary experience. A text which discribes someone's experience chronologically is calles Recount Text. The purpose is to relate past events or personal experience.

The generic structure of a recount text is as follows:
  1. Orientation provide the setting and participants. It tells about who, when and where.
  2. Squence of events relates about what happened. They are presented chrocogically.
  3. Re-Orientation (optional) is the closure of events. It is a conluding statements.
A recount text has certain language features as follows:
  1. Focus on spesific participants.
  2. Use squence of time and place.
  3. Use past tenses.
Simple Past Tense
See the words in bold in the following sentences.
  1. I had scary experience last night.
  2. It really distrubed my sleep.
  3. Well, I finished studying around 11 PM
  4. I was going to bed when I heard something from the gate.

The words in bold are verbs in the simple past tense. We use tense for:
  • Action that started and ended in the past.
  • Habitual or repeated actions in the past.
  • Completed actions that happened one after the other in the past.
Example of Short Recount Text

On the first day, I was landed at Incheon Airport around 7 AM after a 6 hours long flight. 

Then I went to Seoul by train and cheked in to hotel I already booked. I decided to take a rest for a while. At night, I went to eat traditional Korean food. On the next day, I went to the Gyeongbokgung Palace and National Museum. I also went to learn how to make Kimchi and se the scenery of Seoul from Seoul Tower. 

I went back to the hotel at 10 PM and immediately went to sleep.

Addapted form

Answer the question below correctly!
  1. Where were the writer on the text above
  2. How many activities that the writer did in country?
  3. How many hours the writer spend the time in first day to walk around in country?